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Coaching: Why A Purpose Development Coach?


  • You want more but don’t quite know how to move beyond dreaming to implementation

  • You’re ready for change and to live the abundant life God has promised.

  • You’re ready to impact others positively.

  • You have already written the vision for your life you just need assistance developing, organizing, strategizing and actually "birthing" it. 

  • You are ready to be transformed because your mind has been renewed.

  • You are a consultant, leader and visionary who leads others and want to take your organization to the next dimension.


Why “The Visionary”?

Dr. Brenda is determined to help push every God Given gift inside of you OUT!! Through her no nonsense coaching style and passion for seeing women live their best lives, she will teach you how to live the abundant life we all dream of living!

Purpose Development- 60 minutes

 This is for clients who need assistance specifying their gifts, calculating how those gifts may be used and pinpointing HOW to turn those gifts into profitable gain! 

$175.00 Paid In Full

Group Mastery Program (15 Slots)

The Group Mastery Program is for those clients who value accountability and are willing to be challenged and stretched. This program will help you learn your particular gifts and skills, learn how to use them well, and how to get out of your own way.

Upon completion, you will have a clear vision for the next stage of your career and significant progress in accomplishing your goals. Your GIFT is PROFITABLE, let me help you birth it!

The 8 Week Group Mastery Program includes:

Four Teaching Sessions with Modules that must be completed

Learning your gifts

Writing your vision

Creating an accessible timeline for goal completion

Moving towards your goals

*Group Sessions will be via conference call.

Four Group Coaching Sessions with the rest of the participants (60 Minutes). On these calls, you will:

·       Receive feedback on your progress

·       Share lessons from your practice so far

·       Be accountable for your goals

·       Learn from other participants

All replays will be sent via email 48 hours after each call. There are only 15 Slots available for Group Master Program. February 29-May 9, 2016


$1297.00 Paid in Full

$675.00 Two Installments

$450.00 Three Installments

1-on-1 Coaching Packages: Birth The Vision

This is an 8 week high impact program for those clients who desire a personal development and strategy coach. Clients must be driven and determined to excel due to the intensity of this package. This program will lay the foundation for whatever vision you have, transform your confidence as a leader – based on a broad range of activities and techniques use and give you a leap in self-awareness. We will focus on insight into your motives, your values and I will teach you how NOT to stand in your own way.


This 8 Week Program includes:

Four (face to face or phone) sessions per month (60 Minutes)

Four Teaching Sessions

Unlimited email access

Free editing of all documents related to the vision of this package


$2,997.00 Paid in Full

$1,500.00  Two Installments

$1000.00 Three Installments


1-on-1 Coaching Packages: Purpose Booster Strategy Session- 2.5 hour session

This is for fast paced clients who desire assistance brainstorming, clarifying thoughts and strategically implementing a plan to move forward expediently.


Via Skype or Face-to-Face



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